Class BubbleChart

Create BubbleCharts from the supplied data, based on the supplied JSON config.




axis: Axis

The chart's axis object instance

axisGroup: any

The axis group

bubbles: any

The local collection of bubbles

bubblesGroup: any

The bubbles group

chartConfig: ChartConfig

The chart's config object

chartData: ChartData

The chart's data array

chartOutWatcher: ChartEventListener

An event watcher for the user moving the mouse out of the chart

chartType: ChartType = 'bar'

The chart's type

circles: any

The circles

SVG d3 object for d3 operations on the chart

doTransform: boolean

Whether to transform keys from an unknown data schema

force: any

The force simulation

height: number

The current calculated height of the chart

innerHeight: number

The current calculated inner height of the chart

innerWidth: number

The current calculated inner width of the chart

key: Key

The chart's key object instance

padding: Padding = ...

The padding for the chart within the container

resizeOffset: number = 0

The chart's resize offset

resizeWatcher: ChartEventListener

An event watcher for the user resizing the browser

scaleColor: any

The color scale

svg: SVGSVGElement

SVG DOM object for displaying the chart

tooltip: Tooltip

Chart's tooltip object instance

transitionTime: number = 500

Default time for d3 transitions on the chart

width: number

The current calculated width of the chart


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